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Singapore signs new open skies agreement with Armenia, making up 60 OSAs in total

SINGAPORE has wrapped up an Open Skies agreement (OSA) with Armenia that permits their airlines to operate any number of services between both countries as well as beyond to any third country, with no restrictions on capacity, frequency, aircraft type and route schedule. In addition, cargo carriers of both Singapore and Armenia will be able to base aircraft in the other country for operations to any third country, announced the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS).

"Singapore adopts a liberal aviation policy in order to further enhance its connectivity to the rest of the world. This enables businesses to extend their market reach and forge partnerships, and people to foster cultural links and personal ties that span the globe," a CAAS statement said. With the signing of the Singapore-Armenia OSA, Singapore has concluded air services agreements with 130 states and territories, of which 60 are OSAs

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