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Container trains between Vladivostok and Moscow under Trans-Siberian in Seven Days project

The first FMS-Express eastbound container train from the Silikatnaya station, Moscow Railway, arrived in Vladivostok on 30 January 2017, and back in Moscow (reverse route) on 3 February 2017. The new high-speed trains will be departing from both Vladivostok and Moscow once a week, with plans to soon add more trains to the schedule. The total transit time between Silikatnaya and Vladivostok stations including cargo handling in terminals is eight days.

FMS-Express is part of FESCO’s intermodal chain to handle foreign and transit shipments through Vladivostok via the Trans-Siberian Railway, one of the best land routes connecting Asia, Russia, and Europe. The Trans-Siberian in Seven Days project ensures timely and accurate deliveries at exact intervals.

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