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The impact of APAC trade trends on supply chains in Asia

APAC’s growing importance in global trade cannot be understated, and the emerging ‘Asian 6’ – China, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia – will play an increasingly leading role in the region.

According to DHL's Demystifying Asia Pacific Trade Trends, intra-APAC trade will account for approximately 50 percent of key global trade lanes by 2030, with China, India and Vietnam projected to lead the growth in global merchandise exports.

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Emerging manufacturing hubs, increasing domestic consumption and rapidly growing e-commerce in the Asian 6 countries are boosting cross-border trade. To capitalise on these trends, companies must pay close attention to the new realities of operating in the APAC region.Changing APAC trade trends in the Asian 6

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While China remains the world’s undisputed manufacturing hub, production will increasingly shift to emerging APAC economies that offer lower labour costs and greater resilience to a fluctuating economy. Trade agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) will also ease trade barriers and reduce tariffs, making emerging Asian 6 economies attractive manufacturing bases.

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